The One Thing Barack Obama Said that I Agree With

Time for a little balance.  Politically, that is.  Because yes, I've about had it with my coworker's comments about Barack Obama while at the same time I don't say a word about, oh, I don't know, Donald Trump.  (Not to mention I'm getting tired of him bringing up his beloved Jehovah's Witness neighbor.  I guess they're saints or something?)

I'm not going into a whole thing about whether Barack Obama was good, bad, or some mixture of the two.  (You know, during the Bush presidency, there were people complaining about the "Bush Haters," but I suppose that's another topic.)  I just wanted to mention one thing about his campaign that I thought was positive, something that I could believe in that could perhaps usher in an era of cooperation: He said in one of his speeches that -- get this -- believers AND NON-BELIEVERS -- could still unite in making America great again and healing our (my) nation.

Believers and non-believers.  Non-believers -- in other words, PEOPLE THAT DO NOT BELIEVE IN A DEITY (a god).

Yeah, I almost couldn't believe it when he said it either.  Seems awfully blasphemous, doesn't it?  Oddly enough, a hole didn't open up and swallow him, nor did the universe suck him into another dimension.

But in an era when science has brought us so much, he was right.

But of course, what with Barack Obama being the Anti-Christ and all, it turned out too good to be true.  So I've given up hope with this particular concept, I guess.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll just go back to work and bite my tongue, and hope that I don't spit out something negative in my coworker's presence about Catholic priests and some of the naughty-naughty they've engaged in.  (I'll bet you it's the liberal media making it all up!)

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