Lied to by Comcast?

Well, if there's one thing that we certainly became used to over the past couple of decades, it was the seemingly never-ending stream of Comcast representatives coming to our front door and wondering what they needed to do in order for us to climb aboard their ship.  Some of them became even more determined since we signed up with Dish Network back in 2008, since they were convinced that we were getting ripped off and Comcast could give us a better deal.

But believe it or not, if finally happened.  And when I mean "it," I'm referring to a sales rep that came to our house (and a nice guy, I might add) and finally put together a package that we were satisfied with and at the right price.  Combined with the "perfect storm" of us getting tired of the high fees we were paying with Dish Network, we decided to take him up on the offer and switch from Dish to Comcast.

But we had some conditions -- some important ones.  One feature we had on Dish that was very important to my mother was the availability of a couple of international German stations, namely, Deutsche Welle and ProSieben.  We told the salesman that if were going to switch to Comcast, we simply must have those channels.  So he proceeds to make some phone calls, does some negotiating with the people on the other end, and concludes by saying, "All done -- we can get those for you for twenty bucks a month."  And we had it in writing, too!  Great, we said.  Let's do it.

Installation guy comes, does his job.  Nice guy, and technically competent.  Even put shoe protectors on before he came in the house.

But when he was finished with everything and we tried looking for those two stations, they simply weren't there.

And upon doing further research -- even calling tech support -- we discovered that they're just flat-out not available in our area, period.

Through various methods, I expressed our disappointment to Comcast, including mentioning it on a survey, as well as calling the salesman back who talked us into the deal.  He finally called back, and seemed as confused as we were as to why this didn't work out.  He claims he was told that those channels were available.  Before we finished our conversation, he said he wanted to talk to his boss about it and that he would call me back one more time.

Of course, he did not.

So what happened?  Was this just an honest slip-up or miscommunication, or was the salesman simply told on the phone to tell us what we wanted to hear, to make the sale?

Whatever it was or is, it kind of left a bad taste in our mouth as a way to begin our relationship with this company.

Now, I will say this -- other than this mistake, we aren't exactly unhappy with the service.  The system is nice, we are paying much less than what we were before (well, at least for the first two years -- we'll see how much it goes up after then), and my Internet speed is blazing fast.

So there's more to like than dislike.  But Comcast -- please, either somehow be more flexible with your programming so people can get special channels if they want, or try not to be sneaky like this.

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